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The "Ultimate Business Card" with a Smart Tag with all your contact info 
on it as well as a "Smart Tag Address Label".  
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STOP !!!

Don't reorder Your Old-Fashioned 20th Century Business Card.

Contact me to get your 21st Century "Ultimate Business Card" today!!!

Please contact me 1st and 
let me know what you are ordering
 before processing your payment to me 

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Everybody HATES to manually load your friend’s or a business’s contact information into your intelligent NEW Smartphone — Android, IPhone, Blackberry, etcCan also have a Smart Tag with a link to your Facebook page - the options are endless. Have you just moved - this is a great way to let people know all your new info. 

Solved !!!   With the creation of  the  Smart Tags, you can now get theUltimate Business Card” as well as a 
"Smart Tag Address Label" (for back of your card) to do this work for you so it will no longer be an issue. 

Looking forward to hearing from you to bring Your Business Card into the 21st Century !!!

ONLY $75.00 for Ultimate Business Card
ONLY $50.00 for
Smart Tag Address Label


Business Card size is 3.5" x 2.0".  Special Price includes one Smart Tag and 250 matte one-sided business cards. 

Label size  is 2.78" x 0.94"     Special Price includes one Smart Tag and 140 labels.

Additional Smart Tags on same card only $25.00 each

Regular Cost is $75.00 to create your own personal business card with one smart tag.

Can also do Smart Tag magnetic business cards, postcards, etc. for all kinds of notifications (i.e. moving, wedding, graduation).

Click Here to see 2-page flyer for examples of Business Cards / Address Labels and pricing. 

Click Here for actual business cards - created and/or redesigned.

Go to http://gettag.mobi on your smart phone - load FREE App  then scan my personalized Smart Tags below to check out how they work – SO NEAT !!!

Home:  856-772-0072  //  Cell:  856-718-4223 

Website: SmartTagBusinessCard.com     

               or pinklady101.com


Email: arlene@pinklady101.com

NEAT TRICK - after you receive your Business Card, Address Label, etc. with the Smart Tag - 

·       Cut the Smart Tag off (leaving a white border around it) and tape it to the back of any of your electronic devices.

·       Then when someone wants your information and you don't have your business card handy - they can just scan it with their Smart phone to get your information.

Prices Effective October  1, 2015 and are subject to change


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January 1, 2016